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Morphometrical Studies on Hooves in Horses (Equus caballus) in Different Age Groups

P. K. Kawareti N. C. Nandeshwar S. B. Banubakode D.V. Patil A. M. Salankar U. P. Mainde S. Ganguly
Vol 7(11), 184-190

The present research work was carried out on morphometrical studies on hoof in 30 undefined breeds of horses. The horses were divided into three age groups each comprised of ten animals viz., Group - I (4 - 8 years), Group - II (8 - 15 years) and Group - III (15 to 18 years). The dimensions on left forelimb hoof and left hindlimb hoof in each horse were measured. The parameters under the present study were as follows: Toe length, Hoof solar length, Hoof width, Heel length, Buttress heel distance and Frog length. The following differences were observed: toe length showed no significant difference in different age Groups. The hoof solar length and hoof width values for forelimb were higher in all age groups. The heel length and buttress heel distance did not show significant difference between the age groups. The frog length in forelimb hooves found to be increased in different age groups. The study results showed that the age effected on the hooves dimensions in general.

Keywords : Age Horse Hoof Morphometric Measurements

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