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Morphometrical Studies on Humerus of Blue Bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus)

Kavita Rohlan Rakesh Mathur Ashok Dangi Nikhil Shringi Subha Ganguly Vikas Kumar
Vol 8(6), 177-184

The present study was carried out on the humerus of six Blue bulls. The shaft of the humerus was slightly twisted, cylindrical and presented four surfaces. The lateral surface presented a nutrient foramen in its distal third. It bore a small teres tubercle placed at the proximal third. The musculo-spiral groove was shallow. The deltoid tuberosity was found as a small rough convexity and was less prominent. In the proximal extremity, head was roughly rounded and faced caudo-dorsally. The neck was well-defined and was distinct only caudally and laterally. The lateral tuberosity was large and curved over the inter-tubercular groove. It consisted of a prominent cranial part and a less well defined small caudal part, which was triangular in outline. The minor tubercle was much smaller and did not divide noticeably. The inter-tubercular groove was present between the tubercles. The distal extremity had two condyles, two epicondyles and two fossae. The coronoid and olecranon fossae communicated by a small supra-trochlear foramen in some specimens.

Keywords : Blue Bulls Condyle Coronoid Fossa Humerus Musculo-Spiral Groove Supra-Trochlear Foramen

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