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Motility Dynamics of Crossbred Bull Spermatozoa at Different Concentrations When Analysed by Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer

Saroj Rai M. Karunakaran S. Tyagi M. Kumar R. Behera
Vol 8(2), 116-120

Computer Assisted Semen Analyzer (CASA) requires optimum standardization before its use to determine sperm motility in different species. Use of appropriate sperm concentration is one of them. In present study, three different sperm concentrations (15-20, 20-30 and >30 x 106 spermatozoa/ml) was analysed after diluting in EYGT buffer. The results showed significant difference (p<0.01) in average path velocity (VAP,m/sec) and straight line velocity (VSL,m/sec) while the rest of the kinetic parameters such as total motility (TM,%), post thaw motility (PTM,%), curvilinear velocity (VCL,m/sec), beat cross frequency (BCF,Hz), straightness (STR,%) and linearity (LIN,%) remained non significant at different levels of concentration. The study reveals that at a sperm concentration of 15-20 x 106/ml both the VAP and VSL was higher therefore this level of sperm concentration maybe used to assess the motility using CASA device. At concentration beyond 20 millions/ml, the results varied considerably on account of clumping, collision and incomplete sperm tracks.

Keywords : Casa Sperm Motility Kinematics Crossbred Semen Sperm Concentration

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