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Nasal and Ocular Forms of Transmissible Venereal Tumor in Dog

Vandana Sangwan Kuldip Gupta Sidhartha Deshmukh Nishant Verma Ashwani Kumar
Vol 7(11), 292-299

The present report describes the clinical presentation, radiographic features, cytological findings, treatment and follows up of 5 cases of CTVT involving the nasal cavity, oral cavity, eyes, skin and genitalia. The cases had the common finding of bleeding from the nearest cavity. Epistaxis was observed in dogs having nasal form of CTVT. Two cases had primary and three had secondary nasal and/or ocular involvement. All cases were treated with weekly injections of Vincristine sulphate @0.025mg/kg, intravenously, along with surgery and supportive medication. This report highlights the need for considering CTVT for the differential diagnosis of epistaxis or any ulcerated lesion.

Keywords : Cytology Canine Epistaxis Neoplasm Vincristine Sulphate

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