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Nature, Effects and Possible Mechanisms of Action of Ovulation Inducing Factor: A Review

Shabir Ahmad Lone Nadeem Shah Ajeet Singh Puneeth Kumar D.S.
Vol 7(4), 59-67

In Bactrian camels, the seminal plasmas ovulation inducing effect was reported around 30 years ago and the substance responsible was termed as ovulation-inducing factor (OIF). Studies have confirmed that in llamas and alpacas based on biological and chemical properties, OIF was identified as βNGF. OIF is a highly conserved protein and studies have revealed that presence and function of seminal OIF are conserved among species that are considered to be induced ovulators as well as those of spontaneous ovulators. Abundant amounts of OIF/NGF in seminal plasma and seminal plasma effects on ovarian function support the endocrine mode of action. The present review focuses on nature, effects and possible mechanisms of action of OIF/NGF.

Keywords : Copulation Seminal Plasma Spontaneous Ovulators Induced Ovulators OIF

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