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Nutrient Sparing Effect of Detoxified Karanj Seed Cake in Ration of Growing Goat Kids

Sonal Thakur BSV Reddy TM Prabhu Vijay Kumar Agrawal
Vol 7(10), 65-70

Six days metabolic trial was conducted in 17-weeks experiment to observe the effect of feeding solvent extracted (SKC) and alkali processed (AKC) karanj seed cake on the retention of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus in goat kids. Twenty non-descript male kids were randomly and equally assigned to one of the five treatment groups viz., T1 (control), T2, T3, T4 and T5 under completely randomized design. The T1 group was offered groundnut cake (GNC) as a sole source of nitrogen whereas T2 and T3 group were offered SKC @ 8.09% and 16.18% of concentrate mixtures respectively to replace 25% and 50% of GNC nitrogen. Similarly T4 and T5 were fed AKC @ 8.09% and 16.18% of concentrate mixtures respectively to replace the 25% and 50% of GNC nitrogen. Comparable retention of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus was observed in T2 group. The calcium retention was found to be nonsignificant among different treatment groups. The study concluded that comparable nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus retention could be obtained in goat kids raised on concentrate mixtures containing deoiled karanj seed cake.

Keywords : Karanj (Pongamia glabra) Seed Cake Kids Nutrients Retention

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