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Optimization of Enrichment Levels of Calcium in Ice Cream

G. Rajarajan R. Annal Villi B. Mohan B. Samuel Masilamoni Ronald T.R. Pugazhenthi
Vol 7(9), 43-46

The study was conducted to optimize the level of enrichment of calcium in ice cream to counteract the deficiency. Calcium in the form of calcium lactate was enriched at three different levels viz.500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg in one litre of ice cream mix. The enriched ice cream samples were subjected to sensory evaluation for its acceptance, using 9-point hedonic scale. Further, mechanical way of analyzing the sensory attributes with the help of texture profile analyzer was carried out. The recovery percentage of calcium in the enriched ice cream was carried out by Atomic absorption spectrometry. The study concluded that calcium could be enriched in ice cream mix at a level of 500 mg per litre since it had better acceptability and thereby to counteract the calcium deficiency.

Keywords : Calcium Ice Cream Enrichment Sensory Texture Recovery

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