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Organic Broiler Meat Production in India – An Overview

N. Madhan Kumar P. Kangaraju C. Pandian G. Srinivasan
Vol 7(11), 23-31

Organic broiler farming is the emerging system of rearing in all over the world. Organic farming allows exhibiting the normal behavior and also provides welfare to birds that make the birds to exhibit their natural resistant against diseases. In international trade markets, organic meat gains importance due to consumer willingness over organic products. In organic farming, 100 percent organically produced feed ingredients are used for feeding. Brooding managements can be done as similar as to the commercial broiler production. Use of antibiotics in any form for prevention or increase the productivity is not allowed in the organic production. So, bacterial resistance and residual antibiotic level in meat will be decreased. Vaccination is allowed as per certain rules are given by organic farming committee that is when disease areas are known or expected and endemic in the region where the farm is located and those diseases are cannot prevent by management. Desi breeds or locally adaptable breeds of chickens only are allowed for organic broiler meat production. Each poultry house shall not contain more than 4800 chicks. Breeding techniques employing genetic engineering or against natural is not allowed. Slaughter age of organic method of reared birds is 81 days. It’s the time for farmers to think of organic meat production to safeguard the people and increase their economic level.

Keywords : Organic Broiler NPOP Welfare of Birds

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