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Outbreak of Respiratory Aspergillosis in Backyard Duck Flock in Tunisia

Khaled Kaboudi Ahmed Rejeb Moncef Bouzouaia Muhammad Tanveer Munir Sajid Umar
Vol 8(7), 361-368

Aspergillosis is one of the most frequent mycosis affecting avian species. Here, we report an outbreak of aspergillosis in a backyard flock of ducks (Anas platyrhynchos), aged between 4 wks to 1 year with respiratory signs as dyspnea, gasping and nasal discharge, and up to 14.28% mortality. At necropsy, congested lungs, exudative trachea-bronchitis, airsacculitis and extensive multifocal granulomatous pneumonia were recorded. Histopathology examination revealed chronic multifocal mycotic granulomatous pneumonia. Aspergillus fumigatus was identified by microbiologic study from air sacs and lungs of all autopsied animals. Farm floor was disinfected and bedding material was changed followed by treatment of ducks with copper sulphate (1 g/5 liters) in drinking water fortnightly for two months. Clinical signs and mortality were abided after two months.

Keywords : Aspergillosis Duck Histopathology Tunisia

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