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Parasitic Profile of Domestic Geese of Kashmir

H. Hamadani A. A. Khan Z. A. Wani H. Jalal S. J. A. Bihaqi M. S. Mir
Vol 7(5), 129-133

Geese, adapted well to free range and grazing, are reared in and around the water bodies, hence may be susceptible to various parasitic infections. Hence, a study was planned with the objective of recording the parasitic incidence in the locally reared Kashmir geese. External as well as internal parasites were recovered. The ectoparasites recovered from the anterior lower neck region of the observed geese were identified as Cuclogaster heterographus. Out of the total 150 samples, 68.67 % were positive and revealed the presence of Acaridia spp. eggs, Capillaria spp. eggs, Eimeria spp. oocysts, Strongyloides spp. eggs and Notocotylus spp. eggs. The endoparasites recovered from different portions of intestines in the present study were identified as Cotugnia spp., Notocotylus spp. and Capillaria spp.

Keywords : Geese Cuclogaster Acaridia Capillaria Eimeria Cotugnia Notocotylus

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