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Pathological Changes due to Nemathelminth Parasites in the Sheep of Kashmir Valley

Z. A. Wani R. A. Shahardar M. Shahnawaz M. S. Mir
Vol 2(1), 173-178

Studies were conducted on the pathology caused due to nemathelminth parasites 55 necropsied sheep. The representative portions of the tissues of abomasum, small intestine, large intestine and lungs harbouring the parasites after collection were examined grossly and histopathologically. Haemonchus contortus infected abomasum revealed traumatic erosions and petechial haemorrhages. Histological examination revealed abomasitis characterized by infiltration of eosinophils, lymphocytes, and macrophages. Colon infected with Chabertia ovina was thickened and edematous. Histologically denudation of mucosa and infiltration of mononuclear cells and submucosal oedema were observed. Oesophagostomum columbianum infected colon revealed nodules throughout the length. Histopathologically diffuse infiltration of lymphocytes, epitheloid cells and macrophages were observed especially surrounding the areas of necrosis. Small intestine infected with Bunostomum trigonocephalum showed thickening of mucosa. Histopathologically diffuse infiltrations of eosinophils were seen in the sections. Caecum infected with Trichuris ovis revealed no changes on gross examination. Histopathological sections revealed mucosal erosions and mononuclear cell infiltration. No gross changes were seen in Nematodirus spp. and Gaigeria pachyscelis infected intestines. Dictyocaulus filaria infectd lungs showed areas of consolidation in diaphragmatic lobes. Copious froth was observed in bronchi and bronchioles along with numerous worms. Histopathologically lung parenchyma revealed congested and haemorrhages. Sections of parasites were seen in the bronchioles and polymorphonuclear cell infiltration was observed in the parenchyma especially near the bronchioles containing parasites.

Keywords : Nemathelminth parasites Pathology Sheep Kashmir valley

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