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Pathological Studies on Gastrointestinal Diseases of Bovines in Correlation with Parasitological Findings

Khaja Mohteshamuddin Mohammed Zakiuddin
Vol 8(3), 87-95

Present study was undertaken to elucidate the pathology of gastrointestinal disorders in eighteen bovine calves succumbed to death in and around Bidar, Karnataka and presented for post mortem examination to the department of AH & VS. Gross and histopathological studies revealed that infected bovines showed congestion and haemorrhages in various organs indicative of septicaemia. Besides these, ascites, perihepatitis, serofibrinous pneumonia, glomerulonephritis, myocarditis and fibrinous pericarditis were also observed in E. coli infection. Histopathologically, in case of buffalo, in liver major lesions were congestion in portal blood vessels. Mesenteric lymph nodes when examined microscopically, revealed severe congestion in cortex as well as medulla and depletion in lymphoid follicles in cortex. In lungs, congestion and ballooning of alveoli, haemorrhage and red hepatisation were evidenced. The results of parasitic findings in eighteen cases of buffalo or calves were calculated. Out of 18cases, strongyle eggs (2 cases, 6.6 per cent in buffalo) were the major infection.

Keywords : Bovine Gastrointestinal Pathology Parasitology

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