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A Pathological Study on Combined Effects of Dietary Ochratoxin and Citrinin in Broiler Chicken

Jeevana Latha M. Srilatha Ch. Narasimha Reddy Y. Srikanth M. K.
Vol 7(11), 247-256

An experiment was carried for a period of six weeks with 80 day-old male commercial broiler chicks (Vencobb strain) to study the pathological effects of dietary ochratoxin A (OA) and citrinin (CTN) combination (2 ppm and 25 ppm). Experiment was designed with four dietary groups, consisting of 20 each and these groups were fed with control (Group –I) toxin (Group-II) and ameliorative diets (groups III and IV). Birds were sacrificed on 14th, 28th and 42nd days of experiment. Tissue samples were collected for gross and histopathological studies. The results indicated a greater damage to the visceral organs when fed with toxic diets. Theses adverse effects were moderately ameliorated by activated charcoal + yeast (Group-IV) combination when compared to activated charcoal (Group-III) alone.

Keywords : Broiler Chicken Citrinin Ochratoxin Pathology

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