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Pathomorphological Changes in Coligranuloma in Layer Birds

Ganesh K Sawale Prashant Wadke Vitthal S Dhaygude Santosh D Moregaonkar
Vol 7(8), 281-284

A coligranuloma was diagnosed in two birds during routine necropsy examination. Necropsy examination revealed hard nodular growth on serosal surface of intestine, mesentery, oviduct and uterus. Histologically, section of nodular growth showed granuloma with heterophilic and lymphocytes infiltration. Necrotic area was surrounded by a collar of giant cells, macrophages and lymphocytes with a layer of fibroblast at periphery. Isolation of organism on MacConkeys agar revealed Escherichia coli.

Keywords : Coligranuloma E. coli Histopathology Hjarre’s Disease Layer Birds

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