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Performance of Dairy Animals in Rural Haryana- A Comparative Field Analysis

Brajendra Singh Meena Gopal Sankhala Hans Ram Meena Saikat Maji
Vol 7(8), 113-121

Performance of dairy animals is mainly measured in terms of its productive and reproductive traits along with mortality and morbidity rate. Though genetic traits of an animal has profound effect on its performance but management in scientific manner from proper housing, feeding to preventive health measure is required to ensure proper health and thus also contribute to a large extent on its performance. This study was conducted in Haryana, one of the leading milk producing state in India, with a number of quality breeds of both cattle and buffalo available to the farmers. Adopted villages of NDRI and surrounding non-adopted villages in Karnal district of Haryana were the study area where project intervention in terms of introducing improved management practices among dairy farmers. The performance data of 498 cattle and 488 buffalo were collected at monthly interval for two years starting from 2013 from twelve villages to analyse the long-term effect of project intervention. Study reveals that except in case of lactation length of cross breed and buffalo adopted villages had been outperformed non-adopted villages. In case of morbidity and calf mortality rate also performance of animals in adopted villages was comparatively better. But in the field condition the performance of dairy animals need to be improved a lot to make the performance somehow closer to the organized farm condition as reported by various studies.

Keywords : Dairy Animals Haryana Mortality Morbidity Productive and Reproductive Performance

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