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Performance of Rajasri Birds under Intensive and Backyard System of Management

Srinivas Gurram Kishan Kumar M. Swathi Bora Raju Sagi Vijay Kolli Shiva Prasad Ch.
vol 8(3), 106-110

The present study was conducted `to determine the performance of Rajasri birds under intensive and backyard system of management. A total number of 1600 day old chicks of Rajasri were reared in deep litter house up to 6 weeks under controlled conditions to record the body weight, feed consumption and feed conversion ratio. After 6 weeks, 1500 birds were distributed to 75 beneficiaries (10 females and 10 males) in six villages of Jagitial district of Telangana to record the performance of Rajasri birds under the backyard conditions up to 20 weeks. At the age of day old, the average weight of male and female chicks was 34 and 31 g, respectively. The male and female average body weight gain and feed consumption at 6th week were 291 and 258 g and 789 g and 798 g, respectively. The feed conversion ratio at 6th week was 2.71 and 3.09 respectively. The average mortality was 2% up to 6 weeks. The male and female mean body weight at 20th week was 1213.5 and 1010.3 g under farmer’s backyard conditions. The body weights were significantly (p<0.05) greater for birds reared in Thatipally, Singaraopet and Maithapur village compared to other villages. The average survivability of Rajasri birds was 95% up to 20 weeks of age. The mean age at sexual maturity was recorded as 176 days in Rajasri birds.

Keywords : Body Weight Feed Conversion Ratio Rajasri Performance Telangana

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