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Phenotypic Variations of Growth and Reproductive Performances among Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)

K. Sangilimadan K. Premavalli A. V. Omprakash
Vol 9(3), 78-83

A study was conducted to evaluate the productive and reproductive performance of three varieties of turkey namely, Nandanam turkey I (NT- I), Nandanam turkey II (NT -II) and Non- descript (ND) turkey from day old to 51weeks of age. Birds were reared under deep litter system and standard management conditions were followed throughout the experimental period. The per cent hen-day egg production were collected from 28 to 51 weeks. The mean body weight at 12 weeks of age was significantly (P< 0.01) higher in NT-I, NT-II compared to ND turkey. No significant difference was observed in body weights during 2nd and 8th week. The feed conversion ratios of NT- I, NT- II and ND turkey up to 12th weeks were 3.25, 3.40 and 3.65 respectively. The livability up to 12th week of age was 67.5, 68.0 and 83.33 per cent, respectively for NT- I, NT- II and ND turkey. This study revealed that the overall mean hen day egg production from 28-51 weeks of age was significantly (P<0.01) higher in ND turkey followed by NT- I compared to NT-II. Hence, it is concluded that the body weight gain and feed conversion ratio was high in Nandanam turkey I (NT- I). The livability and egg production was higher in Non- descript (ND) turkey. It can be concluded that body weight gain and feed conversion ratio were better in NT-I followed by NT-II than ND but the livability was better in ND than NT-I and NT-II, the egg production was better in ND turkey compared to NT- I and II from the above study periods.

Keywords : Body Weight Egg Production Feed Conversion Livability Turkey

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