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Physico-Chemical, Colour and Textural Characteristics of Cobb-400, Vanajara, Aseel and Kadaknath Meat

Veer Pal Singh Vikas Pathak
Vol 7(11), 98-106

The investigation was to compare the differences in quality characteristics of native chicken meat with Cobb-400. There were no significant differences observed in moisture, ash and pH values while significant (P<0.05) differences were observed in fat values among these meats. Protein values were significantly (P<0.05) higher in the meat of native breeds than commercial strain. The maximum and minimum water holding capacity was recorded for Cobb-400 and Vanaraja respectively. Texture profile in terms of shear force value and shear energy value in fresh as well as cooked meat of all studied chicken was found highest in Aseel and lowest in Vanaraja. Results on colour profile revealed highest L* values in Cobb-400 in both fresh as well as in cooked meat while a* and b* values were found highest in fresh and cooked meat of Aseel. A typical pattern of lowest colour profile values was noticed in Kadaknath.

Keywords : Aseel Cobb-400 Colour Kadaknath Physic-chemical characteristics Texture Vanaraja

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