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Physicochemical Analysis and Microbial Quality of Cow Butter Obtained from Menz District of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Lina Gazu Mego Tewodros Eshetea Getachew Kassa
Vol 8(11), 50-63

Menz has long been known for its quality butter production but traditional milk products are reported to be of substandard quality. Therefore, this investigation was conducted to access physiochemical and microbial quality of butter from Menz district along the market value chain. The microbiological count data were transformed to log10 values before statistical analysis. Overall values of 15.05:82.62:2.09%, 14.26:83.44:2.77%, 14.25:83.30:1.03%, 14.58:83.82: 3.58% and 12.52: 83.96: 2.82% moisture, fat and free fatty acid contents were observed in samples from farmers, traders, made by investigators, Tarmaber and Addis Ababa, respectively. Overall mean score of total aerobic mesophilic bacterial count ranging from 3.26 x109 (sample made by invigilator) to 4.20 x 109 (sample from Addis Ababa) were recorded. Similarly, the total coliform count ranges from 1.61 x 106 to 3.03 x106 and the yeast and mold counts vary from 1.31 x106 to 1.83 x106 from samples collected at different butter market value chains. There is unhygienic production and processing of butter in the study area which calls for improvement.

Keywords : Bacterial Count Fat Content Moisture Content

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