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Phytase – Their Biochemistry, Physiology and Application in Poultry

Nilufar Haque S K Asraf Hossain Muneendra Kumar Vijay Kumar A.K. Tyagi
Vol 2(2), 30-41

The poultry industry is one of the largest and fastest growing agro-based industries in the world. Poultry diets are primarily composed of seed-based ingredients and contain a high proportion of their phosphorus (P) in the phytic acid molecule, making this P poorly available. Phytic acid (IP6 i.e. hexa phospho inositol) is a highly reactive acidic compound that readily binds mineral cations, and in this complexed form is called phytin. The chemical characteristics of IP6 influence exogenous (diet) and intestinal phytase efficacy and the availability of both phytin-P (PP) and any minerals bound to IP6. Inclusion of phytase to poultry diets causes the release of these nutrients and increases P availability and utilization allows their absorption by the bird. The objective of this presentation is to review the literature data on enzyme use in poultry diets to document and discuss many miss-understandings and gaps as they may relate to enzyme use and enzyme efficacy.

Keywords : Phytase Bioavailability of Phosphorus Phytin Poultry

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