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Pinniped Zoonoses: A Review

Deepak Vaishali Renu Gupta Vijay J. Jadhav Davinder Singh Sheza Farooq
Vol 9(11), 1-11

Pinnipeds are monophyletic finned carnivorous marine mammals consisting of walruses, sea lions, fur seals. It is a very fascinating megafauna and has unidentified interaction with humans. The attraction to pinnipeds bloom during the summer vocational season where it goes unnoticed. They can live in proximity to humans. Pinnipeds cause variety of zoonotic disease being bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal in origin and the major described diseases are ‘seal finger’, dermatitis and conjunctivitis. The majority of the affected group by pinniped zoonoses are tourists frequenting beaches, fisherman and hunters of pinnipeds, coastal habitants, individuals eating pinniped meat, biologists studying pinnipeds, veterinarians treating and conducting necropsies of pinnipeds, marine mammal rescuers, wildlife rehabilitators, animal trainers and marine mammal workers as a whole. This review as a whole is a concise information of zoonotic disease by pinnipeds.

Keywords : Erysipelothrix rhusipathiae Pinnipeds Seal-Finger Zoonotic Disease

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