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Plasma and Milk Copper Levels in Different Lactational and Reproductive Status in Buffaloes

V. R. Patodkar S. T. Bapat P. V. Mehere L. A. Pangaonkar
Vol 8(10), 149-156

Present study was conducted to estimate the plasma and milk copper level of the buffaloes in different lactation and reproductive stage. Buffaloes were categorised in nine different groups comprising 12 animals each. Blood and milk samples as the case may be were collected and analysed for the level of copper using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Elico, SL-194). The copper in blood and milk in different lactational and reproductive states of buffalo were within normal physiological limits. However, marginally higher overall plasma copper content than the reported values in literature was observed in present study. Plasma and milk copper levels were influenced by different lactational as well as reproductive states.

Keywords : Buffaloes Copper Reproduction Lactation

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