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Polymorphism of BoLA-DRB3.2 gene in Indian Holstein Crossbred Cattle by Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

K. Tayeng S. S. Tomar S. Ignetious S. K. Nagoriya V. Mangrole
Vol 9(3),13-20

Bovine lymphocyte antigen DRB3.2 (BoLA–DRB3.2) gene encodes for the beta chain of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecule in cattle, which is a glycoprotein present on the surface of antigen-presenting cells. The objective of the present study was to genotype the BoLA-DRB3.2 locus in Holstein crossbred cattle (n = 40) by PCR-RFLP. The 304bp amplified region was separately digested with restriction endonucleases Hae III and Bst YI. Seven BoLA-DRB 3.2 genotypes were detected by digesting with Hae III. The frequencies of the genotypes were: 0.475, 0.225, 0.050, 0.100, 0.050, 0.050 and 0.050 for the genotype AA, AB, AE, BB, DD, EE and II, respectively. Digestion with Bst YI yielded three genotypes AA, AB and BB with frequency of 0.050, 0.625 and 0.325. On the basis of the above results it can be concluded that the DRB3.2 gene was found to be highly polymorphic in the crossbred cattle population.

Keywords : Bovine Leukocyte Antigen PCR-RFLP Holstein-Crossbred Cattle

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