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Polyserositis Associated with Pasteurella multocida Type A in a Crossbred Pig

Jeny K John Tareni Das Santosh Kumar Menaka Sethi Beena Vamadevan Neelam Tomar Guttala Saikumar
Vol 7(4), 268-274

Pasteurella multocida is the causative agent of wide range of diseases in animals and birds. A crossbred 5 month old female pig presented to the post mortem facility with a history of respiratory distress was investigated to determine the cause of death. Grossly there were fibrinous pleuro pneumonia, pericarditis, fibrinous peritonitis with adhesion of abdominal visera to abdominal wall. Histologically there was non suppurative bronchopneumonia. Fibrosis was noticed on surface of lung, heart and liver. Pericarditis, myocardial degeneration and endocarditis were noticed. Gram negative, cocco-bacillary organism was isolated in 5 % sheep blood agar from heart blood, heart and spleen. The blood smears and tissue impressions revealed bipolar staining coccobacillary organisms. These colonies were confirmed as Pasteurella multocida type A by type specific PCR assay. Antibiotic sensitivity of this isolate showed susceptibility to to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline and gentamycin and found resistant to cephalexin, oxytetracycline, furazolidone and nalidixic acid.

Keywords : Polyserositis Pasteurella multocida type A Pig Septicemia Bipolar Staining Masson’s Trichrome

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