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Postprandial Changes in Rumen Microflora and Fermentation Pattern in Sheep Fed Paddy Straw Based Complete Feed Supplemented with Probiotics Mix

G. G. Sheikh Danish Masood Shakil A. Bhat A. M. Ganai Yasir Afzal Shabir Mir
Vol 8(10), 265-275

A study was undertaken to evaluate effect of feeding probiotics mix (Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2×1010cfu/g + Lactobacillus acidophilus 6×109cfu/g) in equal ratio in paddy straw based complete feed @ 3 % of DM, as per the in vitro studies carried to arrive at optimum level of incorporation, on rumen microbial count and fermentation parameters, while complete feed without probiotics served as control. The mean values of total bacterial, fibrolytic bacteria (Fibrobacter succinogenes), fungi and protozoa count showed significantly (P<0.01) higher value at 0h feeding (before feeding) and lowest value at 2 h post feeding with increasing trend thereafter upto 8 h post feeding, irrespective of treatment. Rumen microbes showed significantly (P<0.01) higher counts for probiotics mix supplemented groups than in un-supplemented group. However, regarding methanogens nonsignificant difference was observed between probiotics mix supplemented groups than control.

Keywords : Fermentation Parameters Lambs Postprandial Probiotics Mix Rumen microbes

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