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Prevalance of Caprine amphistomosis in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh (India)

Amit Kumar Jaiswal Daya Shanker Vikrant Sudan Amit Singh Pradeep Kumar
Vol 8(11), 195-200

A total 2488 rumen screened for amphistome and 240 faecal samples of goats from Mathura were examined for prevalence studies. Prevalence of amphistomosis by rumen examination was divided in three major group viz. heavy, moderate and light infection. The total maximum month wise prevalence was reported in July (21.87%) followed by September (19.15%). The minimum prevalence was observed in month of December (8.73%) followed by November (9.44%). The highest overall season wise prevalence on the basis of rumen examination was reported in summer (16.67%) followed by monsoon (16.64%) and winter (10.53%). The prevalence on the basis of faecal examination (n= 240) revealed 17.08% during August to October 2016. Female goats (19.20%) were found more susceptible to amphistomosis in comparison to male (11.11%). Morphologically three species of amphistomes viz. Paramphistomum epiclitum (95.60%), Gastrothylax crumnifer (3.20%) and Fischoederius spp. (1.08%) were identified from rumen.

Keywords : Goat Amphistomes Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) Prevalence

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