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Prevalence and Associated Epidemiological Factors of Hydatidosis in Buffaloes in and Around Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

Zamir Ali Ganaie S. Samanta Azhar Shuaib Batoo
Vol 8(5), 327-334

The present study was undertaken for determination of prevalence of hydatidosis and some of the epidemiological factors like seasonal effect, organs involved, age, sex of the animal, status of the cysts etc in buffaloes. Prevalence was determined by examining 1046 buffaloes in Bareilly slaughter house. In the present study, the overall prevalence rate of hydatidosis in buffalo’s was14.82%. Younger age group has lesser infection rate than older age group, (6.8%, 14.97% and 17.46% in below 3 years, 3 -5 years and above 5 year age group respectively). However, sex of the animal and season has no significant effect on the incidence rate. Amongst the predilection sites, hydatid cysts were observed mostly in lungs (83.2%), followed by liver (34.8%) whereas, involvement of other organs (1.29%) is rare. 63.87% of animals had cysts only in lungs and 15.48% had cysts in liver only while as 19.35% of animals had cysts in both lungs and liver. Only 2 cysts were found in other organs in which one was found in spleen and other in kidney. Majority of the cysts were confirmed as fertile (55.48) and sterile (41.93%) by both macroscopical and microscopical examination, while as 2.58% were determined as calcified. Based on these epidemiological factors, steps towards the control of this economical and zoonotic infection are discussed.

Keywords : Buffalo Cyst Location and Fertility Hydatid Cyst India Prevalence

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