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Prevalence of Human Intestinal Sarcocystosis in Selected Health Facilities in South Ethiopia

Hussein Mohammed Mekoro Beyne Redwan Muzeyne Assefa Deressa Mahendra Pal
Vol 2(3), 140-145

Sarcocystosis, a meat-borne protozoan disease, is caused by Sarcosystis species .This protozoan parasite in humans is responsible to produce intestinal and muscular sarcocystosis. Intestinal sarcocystosis can be diagnosed at the tissue level in the lamina propria of the small bowel and by the fecal examination. The study was conducted to determine the magnitude of sarcocystosis in selected health facilities in Southern Ethiopia from September 2009 to June 2010. Stool samples collected from 223 patients attending health facilities were processed for the direct wet mount and formol-ether concentration methods, and then microscopically examined. Data were collected on the same subjects on the meat eating habit and toilet usage. Out of 223 stool samples examined, 133 (59.64%) were found to be infected for one or more of the intestinal parasites. The predominant parasite involved were multiple infections 24 (10.8%) followed by Entamoeba histolytica /E.dispar 20 (8.9%) and Ascaris lumbricoides 19 (8.5%).The prevalence of sarcocystosis infection was 6.3 % with more numbers in females. The highest prevalence was recorded in Hosanna site. Individual aged 0 to 15 years had 71.4% infection rate than aged greater than 15 years (28.6%).The majority of respondent had an experience of raw meat consumption as a result of traditional and cultural practice, based on the questionnaire survey. The infections with Sarcocystis spp. may have an impact on human health. These findings indicate that awareness creation on this protozoan infection as a public health problem needs to be reinforced for intervention measures based on a simple raw meat abstention.

Keywords : Ethiopia Meat Prevalence Protozoan Sarcocystosis Sarcocystis species

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