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Prevalence of Different Serotypes of E. coli in Diarrhoeic Calves of Kashmir Valley

Riyaz. A. Bhat1* Ghulam. N. Sheikh1 Shahnawaz A. Bhat2 Neha Sharma2 Ashiq H. Bhat2 and Adarsh Thakur
Vol 7(5), 93-97

A study was carried out to find the different serotypes of E.coli isolates from the diarrhoeic calves in organized farms and in unorganized areas. One hundred and twenty nine isolates of E. coli were isolated from 250 diarrhoeic calves. All the isolates of E. coli were typed for ‘O’ antigen. Out of the one hundred and twenty nine isolates of E. coli serotyped, one hundred sixteen serotypes belonged to 22 different ‘O’ serogroups (O20, O22, O69, O11, O84, O147, O68, O107, O123, O153, O157, O1, O6, O17, O36, O51, O60, O92, O102, O140, O158 and O159), 8 isolates were untypable and 5 were rough. The highest percentage was found for O20 serotype (22.48%) followed by O22 (14.73%) and O69 (10.08%). Serotypes O20, O22, O69, O84, O107 and O123 were found in both organized farms as well as in unorganized areas.

Keywords : Calves Serotypes Escherichia coli Diarrhoea

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