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Prevalence of Hepatic Jaundice in Indigenous Cattle in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra

H. A. Shaikh A. U. Bhikane R. K. Jadhav Anand Mohan
Vol 9(3), 200-206

The present study was carried out to determine the prevalence of hepatic jaundice in indigenous cattle from Marathwada region of Maharashtra state. On screening of 1325 clinical cases of cattle, 51 were confirmed clinically and biochemically positive for hepatic jaundice with an overall hospital prevalence of 3.84 %. Higher prevalence of hepatic jaundice was observed in cattle less than 4 years (5.70%) followed by more than 8 year old (2.84%) and least in 5-8 year (1.79 %) old cattle. The breed-wise highest prevalence of 9.71% was recorded in Red Kandhari followed by non-descript (2%) and least in Deoni (1.47%). Sex specific prevalence showed occurrence of hepatic jaundice in male cattle only. The maximum disease prevalence was recorded during monsoon (6.98%) and post monsoon (6.5%) season with highest prevalence in July (11.93%).

Keywords : Hepatic Jaundice Indigenous Cattle Lantana camara Photosensitization Red-Kandhari

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