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Prevalence of Ruminal Acidosis in Goats- A Five Year Retrospective Study

Bhagavantappa B. Ningadalli Shivashankar. M. Usturge Shivaprakash V. Bhari Dilipkumar Desai Vivek. R. Kasaralikar Ashok Pawar Vinay P Tikare
Vol 7(12), 224-230

Prevalence of ruminal acidosis in the present study was recorded 1.60 per cent out of total goats cases presented. It was of higher occurrence in females 77.96 per cent than males 22.04 per cent and highest in 1-2 years of age groups followed by less than 1 year and least in more than 2 years of age groups in goats. The source of carbohydrate rich food was highest for rice (20.40 %), followed by wheat (10.52 %), jawar (6.90 %), vegetables (1.98 %), grains (1.32 %), maize (1.32 %) and lastly fruits (0.33 %). Occurrence of disorder was found highest in the monsoon season (36.51 %) followed by summer (25.99 %), post monsoon (21.05%) and least in winter season (16.45 %) in goats presented to Veterinary Clinical Complex, Veterinary College, Bidar.

Keywords : Acidosis Goat Prevalence Ruminal

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