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Production of New Kenguri Strain-1 of Sheep by Breeding with Nari-Suwarna Frozen Thawed Semen

Hiralal S. Janagi. Tandle M. K. Vinay P. T. Usturge S. M. Jadhav N. V.
Vol 7(10), 59-64

Oestrous cycle of Kenguri ewes (n=10 + 10) was synchronized by injecting PGF2α on days 0 and 9 in Group 1 and on day 0 and day 11 in Group 2. All the oestrus ewes were inseminated twice with gap of 12 hours using frozen thawed semen dose of NARI Suwarna (Deccani + Garole) strain. Pregnancy diagnosis was initiated on days 24, 34 and 44 of post artificial insemination using trans-abdominal ultrasonography. It was concluded that, oestrous cycle was synchronized by injecting PGF2α on days 0 and 9 or day 0 and day 11 with 100 % estrus induction and 10% lambing rate in Kenguri ewes. A new Kenguri strain-1 of sheep (Kenguri > 50% + Deccani < 40% + Garole < 10%) was produced using frozen thawed semen of NARI Suwarna strain from Kenguri breed.

Keywords : Kenguri Strain-1 NARI Suwarna

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