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Production Performance of Vanaraja Birds under Traditional Tribal Production System of Sikkim Himalayan Region

Mahak Singh Rafiqul Islam Ravikant Avasthe
Vol 7(7), 153-157

The present study was conducted to determine the growth and productive performance of Vanaraja, a dual purpose bird developed for backyard poultry farming, under varied agro-climatic condition of Sikkim. A total of 1120 birds were given to 22 tribal farmers under Tribal Sub Plan of Poultry Seed Project in four districts with varying climatic condition and altitude. Chicks of Vanaraja were reared under intensive system with brooding up to 6th week of age. Body weights at day old, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 weeks of age, age at first egg laying, total egg production, egg weights at 40 and 72 weeks of age and mortality (%) were recorded. Mean body weight in East Sikkim was significantly (0.05) higher than other districts from eighth week onward and this trend was continuous up to 24th week. Also, the body weight of birds in South Sikkim was significantly (P<0.05) higher than West and North Sikkim from 8th week and this trend was continued. The age at sexual maturity ranged from 165 to 189 days and average body weight at first egg lay was recorded from 2379.12±18.11 to 1734.34±17.45 g (Table 2). The age at sexual maturity was significantly (p<0.05) lesser in East and South Sikkim compared to North and West Sikkim. Egg weight at 40 weeks was recorded ranging from 50.78±0.26 to 55.05±0.56 g and at 72 weeks was from 60.12±0.24 to 67.25±0.92 g. Mortality during the present study varied from 3.2% to 8.2% during brooding phase and 2.1 to 5.3% during grower phase. It can be concluded form the present study that Vanaraja can be successfully reared under different agro-climatic condition of Sikkim under traditional tribal production system to augment the meat and egg availability in the rural areas.

Keywords : Vanaraja Production Performance Backyard and Sikkim Himalayas

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