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Protein Profile of Meat Produced by Aseel, Kadaknath and Vanraja Indigenous Chickens

Veer Pal Singh Vikas Pathak Amit Kumar Vinod Kumar Singh
Vol 7(2), 64-70

The protein profile of meat produced from Aseel, Kadaknath, Vanraja breeds of indigenous chicken were assessed in contrast to Cobb-400 protein profile. It was assessed with the aim of meat differentiation among various breeds of chicken and to know the type of proteins actually found in the meat of these chicken breeds. On SDS-PAGE analysis myofibrillar proteins were showing nine distinct protein bands ranging from 3 to 205 kDa and probable proteins from higher weight to lower were as myosin, C-protein, M-protein, actinin, actin, tropomosin, troponin, myosin subunit, connectin/titin. SDS-PAGE analysis on sarcoplasmic proteins revealed ten distinct protein bands in the range of 12.4 to 200 kDa and probable protein were unspecified extracellular proteins, phosphorylase, calpain-3,creatine kinase, haemoglobin, carbonic anhydrase, cathepsin-L, phosphate dehydrogenase, myoglobin, cytochrome-C and glyceraldehyde .

Keywords : Aseel Kadaknath Vanraja Myofibrillar Protein Sarcoplasmic Protein SDS-PAGE

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