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Proventricular – Ventricular Impaction and Traumatic Ventriculitis in a Black Headed Ibis Bird (Threskiornis melanocephalus)

Srinivas Naik H. Jayasree N. Anakali Vamsi Krishna Ch. Srilatha
Vol 7(5), 290-293

A male black headed ibis bird belongs to S.V. Zoological Park, Tirupati was died with the symptoms of sudden dullness, anorexia and gradual weight loss and the dead bird was brought to the Department of Veterinary Pathology, CVSc, Tirupati for necropsy examination. On necropsy, severe enlargement of the proventriculus with the impacted undigested food material was noticed. In addition to this, a sharp fencing wire perforating from the gizzard (Ventriculus) causing ventriculitis was also noticed as a prominent gross lesion. Based on gross findings, the present case was diagnosed as stomach (Proventriculus and ventriculus) impaction and ventriculitis.

Keywords : Proventricular-Ventricular Impaction Foreign Bodies Ibis Bird

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