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Purchase Intention of Urban Consumers on Cloned Animal Food Products-An Overview

Priyajoy Kar H. R. Meena
Vol 9(6), 17-26

The use of new technologies in food production has potential benefits for both food manufactures and consumers and when the food industry is creating the new products and new ingredients. The question arises that whether the new emerging technologies in the food industries are cost effective and affordable and their potential acceptance by the consumers. Animal cloning provides nutritional security to the consumers, better price to the farmers and also great opportunity for saving different endangered species. This review focuses on different issues related to the cloned animal food products and the consumers concern. It covers all aspects of the consumer’s behaviors such as attitudes, intention to purchase and willingness to pay for the cloned animal food products. Consumers are generally aware regarding the government agencies approval being trustworthy for purchasing the cloned food products. Nutritional labeling generally has a great impact on the consumers purchasing decision. Food control legalization measures should be dealt in a good way for ensuring the safety of foods. The persons associated with the food industries should undertake different awareness measures among the consumers for ensuring their understanding about the food control measures and also towards its application in daily life. As a whole, better public interface of the food industry will intricate and help to solve the problems the different stakeholders are facing.

Keywords : Cloning Consumers Food Labeling Technologies

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