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Pyopericardium and Suppurative Pneumonia Caused by Trueperella pyogenes in a Piglet

Jeny K John Tareni Das Monalisa Sahoo Neelam Tomar Menaka Sethi Beena V. G. Saikumar
Vol 7(6), 233-237

A crossbred female pig presented to the post mortem facility of this institute, with a history of sudden death was studied. Systematic necropsy examination was done and gross lesions were recorded. Grossly, multiple abscesses of varying sizes from few millimeters to 4 cm diameter were noticed on different lobes of left lung with moderate pleural wall thickening. Pyopericardium and endocardial hemorrhages were noticed. Gram positive, cocco-bacillary organism was isolated in 5 % sheep blood agar from heart blood, heart and lung. These colonies were confirmed as Trueperella pyogenes by PCR using 16S rRNA primers and sequencing analysis. Based on the gross findings, histopathology and cultural isolation, the case was diagnosed as suppurative pneumonia and pyopericardium due to Trueperella pyogenes.

Keywords : Suppurative Pneumonia Pyopericardium Pig Trueperella pyogenes

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