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Quality Assessment of Rice and Soya Flour Extended Quail Meat Balls Stored At Refrigeration Temperature

U. V. Dhond A. A. Devangare A. M. Chappalwar
Vol 8(11), 306-314

The aim of this work was to analyze quality of refrigerated stored quail meat balls extended with rice and soy flour. Prepared quail meat balls were packed in LDPE (low density polyethylene) pouches, stored at refrigeration temperature (4+1oC) and analyzed for its quality at a regular interval of four days. The analyses were focused on the physico-chemical and microbiological quality. During the study, pH, TBA, Tyrosine values as well as total plate count and psychrophilic count were increased significantly (P<0.05), but were within the spoilage limit upto 20 days of storage period. E. coli was not detected throughout the study in control as well as extended quail meat balls. Upshot from the study specifies that quail meat balls with or without extenders could be safely stored for 20 days without adversely affecting quality.

Keywords : Extenders Microbial Quality Quail Meat Ball Refrigeration Storage Rice Flour Soy Flour

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