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Quality Evaluation of Low-Fat Chicken Patties Incorporated with Different Fat Replacers

Anita Chappalwar Vikas Pathak Meena Goswami Arun Kumar Verma V. Rajkumar
Vol 10(1), 14-21

The present investigation was conducted to evaluate quality of low-fat chicken patties incorporated with different natural fat replacers. Low fat chicken patties were prepared by replacing 50% fat in the formulation by incorporating 1% lemon albedo, 2% mango peel and 2% banana peel powder as fat replacers. Control had significantly (P<0.05) higher emulsion as well product pH, emulsion stability, fat content, cholesterol content than treatment, however 1% lemon albedo powder added patties had highest mean cooking yield, moisture content, fat retention, water activity and moisture retention. Mineral content and color parameters showed significant (P<0.05) effect on addition of different fat replacers. In present study, sensory scores of most of the attributes of 1% lemon albedo powder was comparable to the control and significantly (P<0.05) higher than 2% mango peel and 2% banana peel powder added patties except saltiness and juiciness. Therefore, 1% lemon albedo was observed to be suitable as fat replacer for producing low fat chicken patties.

Keywords : Banana Peel Fat Replacers Low Fat Chicken Patties Lemon Albedo Mango Peel

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