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Radiographic and Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Urinary System Disorders in 14 Numbers of Dog

Biraj Kumar Sarma Dwijen Kalita Bhupen Sarma Debesh Ch. Pathak Chandana C Baruah
Vol 9(6), 209-213

The present investigation was carried out to describe the complementary use of radiography and ultrasonography in the diagnosis of various urinary system disorders in dog and to study the radiographic and ultrasonographic appearances of the organs. The study materials were composed of 14 dogs of different breed, age and sex having urinary system disorders. The urethral calculi were diagnosed in 5 male dogs with plain radiography. Cystic calculi could be diagnosed in 3 dogs and both radiography and ultrasonography were found equally good. Cystitis in 2 dogs could be confirmed with ultrasonography. Renal cyst in two dogs and tumour in the urinary bladder of another two dogs could be diagnosed with ultrasonography.

Keywords : Calculi Cystitis Radiography Renal Cyst Ultrasonography

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