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Reason for Joining Self-Help Group by Tribal Goat Owners- A Analytical Study

Ruchi Singh Gajendra Uikey Malay Kumar Mandal Sandeep Kumar Singh
Vol 8(3), 206-213

The present study was conducted to assess the reasons for joining self-help group by the tribal goat farmers in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. Data were collected through a structured interview schedule from 30 members of 06 tribal SHGs by personal interview method. The members of SHGs were asked to prioritize the specific reasons for joining the group. The study revealed that, the main reasons for joining in the SHG were to repay the old debt with mean score 61 and corresponding garret table value was 75, followed by to maintain households expenditure (mean score 58.17 and Garret value 60), to promote saving (mean score 56, Garret value 50), to promote income generating activities (mean score 46.33, Garret value 40) and to get loans from bank (mean score 44, Garret value 20).

Keywords : Garret Analysis Mean Scores SHGs Tribal Goat Farmers

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