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Reasons for Decreasing Indigenous Cattle Population and Interventions in its Conservation- A Perceptual Study of Field Veterinarians in Karnataka

Bharemara Lingaraju Balaraju Hema Tripathi Jyoti Yadav
Vol 7(12), 213-223

An exploratory study was conducted in Karnataka state of India with the objective to ascertain the veterinarian’s perceptions on causes for decrease in indigenous cattle and suggested interventions in their conservation. There are six registered cattle breeds in Karnataka viz., Amritmahal, Deoni, Hallikar, Khillari, Krishna Valley and Malnad Gidda. One district was selected randomly from the breeding tract of each indigenous cattle breed. Fifteen field veterinarians were selected as respondents from each of the selected district, making a final sample of 90 veterinarians. Pre-tested questionnaire was employed in data collection. Major causes perceived by veterinarians for decreasing indigenous cattle population were; mechanization of agriculture, shrinking grazing land, ignorance on quality traits of indigenous cattle and high cost of feeding. Establishing organized markets, rendering incentives, promoting organic livestock farming, delivering integrated livestock services to indigenous cattle keepers were the major suggestions revealed by field veterinarians.

Keywords : Breed Cattle Conservation India Indigenous Veterinarian

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