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Relationship of Daily Milk Production with Incidence of Transitional Diseases in Punjab

Niharika Thakur Parminder Singh Rajesh Kasrija Prahlad Singh
Vol 9(5), 70-74

The present study was undertaken to study the effect of milk production per day on occurrence of various transitional diseases. A total of 250 dairy farmers were personally contacted through structured interview schedule. Study revealed that milk production varied significantly (p<0.01) with mastitis and with anoestrous (p<0.05). The large milk producing dairy farms were not much affected as compared to small and medium dairy farms as they were having high quality animals and also because of the fact that management practices by the large dairy farmers were good as compared to small and medium farmers. It was concluded that awareness of large dairy farmers regarding management during transitional period was comparatively better than small and medium farmers. Also, high yield cannot be always the reason for poor fertility.

Keywords : Dairy Diseases Milk Production Transitional Period

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