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Relationship of Ultrasonographic Testicular Biometry with Body Weight, Scrotal Circumference in Pre and Post Pubertal Osmanabadi Bucks

U. B. Kumbhar S. U. Gulavane S. M. Gaikwad D. U. Lokhande S. D. Ingole G. Sachdeva
Vol 7(11), 206-214

The present study was conducted to find out the relationship between ultrasonography testicular biometry, age, body weight and scrotal circumference In pre And post pubertal Osmanabadi bucks for selection of bucks for breeding. The study was conducted in eighteen male Osmanabadi bucks (post weaning) from the college Instructional Livestock Farm Complex Goregaon. All the bucks were allowed for grazing daily for about 6-8 hours and provided with clean water adlib. All the bucks were weighed by digital weighing machine in kilogram (kg). Scrotal circumferences of experimental bucks were recorded with measuring tape in centimetre. Testicular ultrasonographic Biometry of the right and left testicle was done by Sonoscape ultrasonography machine in transverse plane (TP), longitudinal planes (LP). All the observations are recorded on fifteen days interval from weaning i.e 120 ± 10 days onwards for six months.The body weights of Osmanabadi bucks increased significant from 14.45 ± 0.67 kg at four months to 19.57 ± 0.70kg at nine and half months of age. There was significant increase in scrotal circumference from 17.22 ± 0.56cm to 19.03 ± 0.55 cm from fourth to ninth and half months of age. There is significant increases in mean right testicular length, width and thickness from 5.25 ± 0.19, 2.99 ± 0.12, 2.97 ± 0.12 cm to 5.84 ± 0.18, 3.32 ± 0.12, 3.16 ± 0.12 cm from the age of four months to nine and half months, respectively . While there is increases in mean left testicular length, width and thickness from 5.49 ± 0.21, 3.10 ± 0.13, 3.06 ± 0.12 cm to 6.16 ± 0.20, 3.44 ± 0.12, 3.31 ± 0.11 cm from the age of four months to nine and half months, respectively. The significant positive correlation value between body weight and scrotal circumference (r = 0.99), Ultrasonographic right testicular length (r = 0.97), right testicular width (r =0.99), right testicular thickness (r = 0.95), left testicular length (r = 0.98), left testicular width (r =0.99), left testicular thickness (r = 1.00) were found. The observations are significant positive at 5% and 1% level. The testicular ultrasound is a potentially valuable tool in the Breeding Soundness Examination and in measuring testicular biometric parameters. There is positive relationship of ultrasonographic testicular biometry with body weight, scrotal circumference in pre and post pubertal Osmanabadi bucks.

Keywords : Bodyweight Osmanabadi Bucks Scrotal Circumference Testicular Biometry Ultrasonographic

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