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Renal Stephanuriasis in Desi Pigs

Azhagumuthaiyan Kichenane Kumar Raja Nair Gopalakrishnan Madhavan
Vol 8(3), 244-248

Stephanuriasis is the disease of pigs caused by the kidney worm Stephanurus dentatus. A total of 72 urinary tract collected from slaughtered pigs was screened for the presence of Stephanurus dentatus. Out of 72 samples, renal stephanuriasis was encountered in 2/72 (2.8%) cases. Grossly, affected kidneys presented moderately firm, nodular, thick-walled cystic lesions within the fat surrounding the renal pelvis and ureters. These lesions contained adult nematodes. Microscopically, nodular areas were encompassed by intense inflammatory reaction. The cellular infiltrate was predominated by eosinophils followed by lymphocytes, macrophages and plasma cells. The inner wall of the cyst contained the cross section of adult parasite.

Keywords : Eosinophils Kidneys Pigs Stephanurus dentatus Ureter

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