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Reproductive Behaviour and Performance of Estrus Synchronized Hampshire Crossbred Pigs

Rina Baishnob Kutubuddin Ahmed Keshab Chandra Nath Dhireswar Kalita Dibyajyoti Talukdar Prithviraj Majeender Barua
Vol 8(3), 128-132

A total of 62 apparently healthy cyclic Hampshire crossbred pigs (7 months to 2 years) maintained at ICAR-AICRP on pig, AAU, Khanapara were used to study the effect of PMSG and hCG on synchronization of oestrus, pattern of reproductive behavior of synchronized pig and effect of artificial insemination. Thirty two gilts and 18 sows were injected i/m with 400IU PMSG (Folligon) + 200IU hCG (Chorulon). The percentage of pigs showing synchronized oestrus was 62.50 in gilts and 33.33 in sows. The mean interval from oestrus synchronization treatment to onset of oestrus, duration of oestrus, gestation length, litter size, litter weight, still birth and runt piglet in synchronized gilts and sows were 3.00+0.15 and 4.00+0.58 days, 81.60+3.49 and 112.00+4.00 hrs, 113.67+0.29 and 114.33+0.33 days, 11.66+1.41 and 12.66+0.33, 10.62+0.36 and 13.73+0.41 kg, 7.62 and 2.60 and 4.75 and 0.00 respectively. The duration of oestrus in both gilts and sows was longer in treated animals than in untreated control. Intensity of oetrus was more following synchronization treatment in both gilts and sows as compared to that in untreated control animals. In conclusion 400IU PMSG + 200IU hCG can be used for synchronization of oestrus in gilts and sows.

Keywords : Hampshire Oestrus Synchronization Pig Reproductive Behaviour

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