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Reproductive Disorders and Its Relationship with Hormones and Mineral Status in Bovines of Organized Dairy Farms

P. Krishnamoorthy G. Govindaraj N. K. S. Gowda Dintran Pal Janivara P Ravindra Parimal Roy
Vol 7(4), 142-151

In the present study, relationship of reproductive disorders with mineral and hormone status in bovines was analyzed. Paired sera samples (160) were collected randomly from four organized dairy farms in Karnataka (Bijapur, Dharwad) and Tamilnadu (Chennai, Cuddalore). Serum estradiol, progesterone in healthy and RP animals were 11.33±0.58 and 5.67±0.10pg/ml, 1.70±0.08 and 0.77±0.04IU/ml, respectively and significant (P<0.05) decrease in RP bovines. Serum copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus in healthy and RP bovines were 1.29±0.03 and 0.91±0.03ppm, 1.09±0.04 and 0.87±0.03ppm, 9.98±0.17 and 9.07±0.21mg/dl, 3.07±0.16 and 2.36±0.08mg/dl, 1.62±0.08 and 1.52±0.06mg/dl, respectively. Significant (P<0.05) correlation between copper and hormones in bovines of organized dairy farms was observed. Logit analysis revealed significant (P<0.05) positive relationship between estradiol, progesterone and zinc levels with animal health status. Thus, supplementation of these microminerals will reduce the incidence of reproductive disorders in animals and also improves the productivity and profitability of dairy farmers in India.

Keywords : Reproductive Problems Hormones Minerals Correlation Logit analysis

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