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Reproductive Performance as Affected by Mastitis in Lactating Dairy Cows

Rachana Sharma Panjab Singh Mohammad Rayees Dar Thulasiraman Parkunan Purnima Singh Mahendra Singh Manju Ashutosh
Vol 8(2), 92-98

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of mastitis on the reproductive performance in crossbred cows. Experimental cows (32) were screened for SCM incidence (24) modified Californian Mastitis Test (mCMT), increased somatic cell count (SCC, between 2.5 - 8.0 × 105 /ml), higher electric conductivity (EC) of milk (>4.27) and abnormal milk. Based on this, the cows were divided into four groups, group I- cows were without any clinical symptom of mastitis, group II- cows with chronic sub-clinical mastitis without clinical signs, group III - cows with clinical mastitis before first artificial insemination (AI) and group IV - cows with clinical mastitis after first AI. Each group of experimental cows consisted of 8 animals. The reproductive performance of different groups revealed that number of days to first AI (FPAI), inter-estrus interval, service per conception and days open were higher (<0.05) in mastitis groups as compared to healthy group of cows, whereas FPAI was higher (p <0.05) for group III than group IV cows. The inter-estrus interval, service per conception, days open was higher (p<0.05) for group IV than group III cows. Non-significant variation were found between the chronic sub-clinical and clinical mastitis cows except days open, which was more (p<0.05) in clinical mastitis group cows. It was concluded that incidence of clinical mastitis after AI had a profound negative effect on reproductive performance than other group cows.

Keywords : Clinical Mastitis Early Lactation Sub-Clinical Mastitis Reproductive Performance

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