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Retrospective Studies on Primary Uterine Inertia in Female Dogs

Prashantkumar A. Krishnaswamy T. G. Honnappa V. C. Murthy M. Narayana Bhat L. Ranganath
Vol 8(2), 153-161

Uterine inertia is a significant cause of maternal dystocia in bitches. This study was undertaken to identify the factors influencing its incidence. Case records of canine dystocia presented to Veterinary College, Bengaluru during 2007 to 2012 were analysed. The overall incidence of dystocia in female dogs was 6.50 per cent among them maternal causes were 64.94 per cent of the cases in which primary uterine inertia accounted for nearly 99 per cent. Complete primary uterine inertia was encountered frequently in medium and large sized breeds, mainly Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. Highest incidence of complete primary uterine inertia was observed in female dogs aged less than 2 years and was about 8 per cent higher in dogs delivering for the first time. Female dogs carrying a single foetus or those with a litter size in excess of 8 foetuses appeared to be at high risk for complete primary uterine inertia.

Keywords : Female Dog Maternal Dystocia Uterine Inertia

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