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Revealing the Scenario of Antimicrobial Resistance in Dairy Animals from Stakeholders’ Perspective: Where Should we Focus?

Vikash Kumar and Jancy Gupta
Vol 10(3), 24-37

Indiscriminate and over use of antimicrobials in animal production is a key contributor to antimicrobial resistance worldwide. Behavioural dimensions of the stakeholders needs to be unearthed to establish the valid veterinary- client relationship and design suitable policies and intervention to control the spread of antimicrobial resistance by acting locally in the lines of international approach for formulation of feasible policies, regulation and its adoption by end- users. Accurate monitoring of antimicrobial prescription and use by stakeholders has become imperative to formulate the policies in line with one health approach, antimicrobial conservation and antimicrobial stewardship. Our review highlights that unavailability of data regarding antimicrobial production, consumption, and dispensation from prescriptions is biggest lacunae. Planning for policies suffers due to over- the- counter sales, lack of development of new antibiotics, scarce alternatives to antimicrobials and perceives the strong need for surveillance and research initiatives to reduce antimicrobial use in animal production.

Keywords : Antimicrobials Monitoring Prescription Stakeholders Veterinary-Client Relationship

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